About Us

In June 2023, we ventured to conceive a destination in paradise along the Uluwatu coast on what we call now AMARA HOTEL. Gernot with Nadia, they created a space for like-minded, creative individuals to unwind and connect with self and nature.

The project is set to discover a new form of hospitality, merging local culture, and sustainability to set the stage for original and aspirational hospitality experiences.

Built around the notion of ‘Less is More’, AMARA HOTEL invites people to a place that instill a sense of purpose and belonging. Our hotel take a conscientious approach in nourishing a localized environment for people to explore.

Our Philosophy

To find beauty in the simple things is to connect to the present. We celebrate aspects of life that can create more through less. Simplicity can be the ultimate sophistication but also the antidote to a complex life. We seek for imperfection that can capture the passage of time or human emotions. In the words of Omar Itani, “No palm tree is perfectly shaped, yet we marvel at the beauty with which it stands. No seashell is perfectly drawn, yet we marvel at the beauty with which it curves.”